Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Summary of "Lucid dreaming"

According to Pamela Hartmann (n.d.) in her article, "Lucid dreaming", lucid dreaming means consciously aware while a person is dreaming. At that time, they can participate in the events and emotions of the dream by character experiencing , observing and watching, directing and creating. Patricia Garfield, who wrote "Creative Dreaming", said that a lucid dreamer would have unbelievable freedom through the lucid dream. Also Stephen LaBerge, at the Standford University Sleep Lab, has developed a method called the MILD technique. MILD technique is waking up from a dream, imaging yourself, seeing yourself, and telling yourself. He claims that by using the MILD technique, he was able to have lucid dream on any night he wished. The way to gain access to your dream is to place a notebook or diary on your nightstand or under your pillow. Secondly, don't open your eyes immediately when you wake up. Third, lie and try to recall any imagery. Next, think about its ABCD order, ABCD means that D is any specific image, C is the event or activity that preceded it, B is what preceded that, and A is what preceded that. Lastly, describe the dream. Pamela Hartmann says that as we begin to experience this, our dream journal will achieve a special place in our life.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Change of the demand for wheat

In Korea, we have changed with regard to wheat flour. Wheat has been regarded as a cheap crop since the Korean war in 1950. At that time, we didn't have enough food to eat like rice. Therefore rice, which was not plentiful, was regarded as an expensive crop, while wheat, which was common, was regarded as a cheap one. Today, however, because Korea has become a richer country, rice is not an expensive crop anymore. In the case of wheat, its demand has became increasingly more and more. Because of the demand for wheat, wheat has been cultivated more and more.

Have 48 hours in a day

How much time do you have in a day? By using computer, it possible for people to have more time. That means computers help people to save time. We know what happened between old times and these days. There are lots of change. We can go shopping and make reservations on the internet. If I want to buy something, I can buy it without visiting a store. Older people who didn't use computer had to visit a store to buy something. However, these days people who use computer don't have to visit. Make reservations is the same. We can work easily for a short time. Moreover we can see any place where we can't go but we want to go. That is, by using computer, it possible for people to have more time.

Open a restaurant in Carbondale

Do you want to open a restaurant in Carbondale? There are many restaurants in Carbondale. However, if you want to be successful, your restaurant must be special enough to attract people. There are three tips you should do. The cost should be inexpensive. Moreover it should have variety choice. Also keep to clean and fresh.

First, the cost should be inexpensive. The school, SIU is located in Carbondale. Therefore, Carbondale has lots of students. Among them, there are many international students. They came to study from other countries. They live in dependence on their parents. For this reason, many students can’t live comfortable life. Students who depend on their parents want to low-price.

Second, it should have variety choice. It must be variety, because of that there are many international students. It need to right of choice they want. For example, student who is Asian and don’t like other country’s food has hard time about eating. They want their own county’s food. In this case, they need to variety choice.

Lastly, it must be clean and fresh. Fresh stuff helps taste to be more delicious. Moreover, clean shop give customer good image. Let us suppose that you are visiting at the restaurant. But if the restaurant is dirty, you would not go there.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind when opening restaurant in Carbondale. There are three things. The cost has to be suitable for students. Variety right of choice will be offered many students.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Colors of the Korean people

Have you ever seen Taegeukgi, the national flag of Korea? If so, you should see four colors which are white, black, red, and blue. Taegeukgi is based on white color. There is a large circle in the center of it. The circle is divided into two parts. One part is red, another is blue. Taegeukgi also has the black gwae of four. In this essay, I will talk about three colors. Those are white, blue and red. Each one of them has their meaning. The meaning of colors represents the Korean people. Then, how does it represent them?

First, white color is very important, just as Taegeukgi was based on white. Generally, the Korean people were called “The white-clad folk,” from a long time ago. The word, the white-clad folk, refers to innocence. Moreover, on the national flag of Korea, white represents both land and peace. That is, Korean people respect peace of the world, and white stands for Korea’s territory. According to that meaning, most Koreans like white. They often wear Hanbok, which is traditional Korea clothes, or wear white clothes on the first day of the new years. By wearing white clothes, they want to get a pure, innocent attitude.

Secondly, blue color symbolizes integrity. In the Chosun dynasty period, the scholar, a man of virtue, was represented as a person of integrity. Their goal was living such that they kept their hands clean all their life. In such meaning, they were frequently represented with a blue color. As regards Taegeukgi, blue means shade, water and ground. One of the two parts, blue color, is contrasted with another one, red. The reason is that red means brightness, fire and sky. Taken together, they stand for harmony. Like this, Koreans regard blue as clean and as having integrity.

Thirdly, one of the most important colors is red. Especially, the Korea of today has been represented with a red color because of “The Red Devil.” Red devil is the name of the supporters of the Korean soccer team. The beginning of this title goes back to the FIFA World Youth Championship in Mexico in 1983. Our team advanced to the semifinals. So foreign speeches called them ‘red furies’ with big surprise. Coming in to Korea, it turned to ‘Red Devil’. So now, the day we have a soccer game is a festival in Korea. Many Korean people wear red clothes and they crowd around the city hall or other places for rooting.

In conclusion, many colors are representative of Korea. By using them on the Taegeukgi or wearing clothes on the special day, Koreans want to express their racial characteristics. White is innocence of the white-clad folk. Blue is integrity, and Red symbolizes the passion of the red devil. Everything of them consists in Taegeukgi. The color of Korea has being represented by their behavior and their national flag. In other words, the colors that represent Korea are white, blue, and red.