Monday, November 17, 2008

Journal 5

I firmly believe that I’m an active person. I have frequently heard that I’m easy to get acquainted with me. As a result, there are many friends around of me. Because I’m a chatterbox, I love having a pleasant time in coffee shop with my friends. During that time, I share my daily story as well as my friends’ one. By doing this, I’m able to become intimate with each other. Nevertheless I like such time, I love having my alone time, too. Occasionally, I have heard that I am unique person because of my peculiar behaviors. I have alone time as much as have a playing time with my friends. Perhaps, I want to have my recharge time that I can sleep, think, and recover my composure. There was episode that for a time, I turned off my cell phone for 3 months. During the time, I cut connection with my friends, and I concentrated on my study. As a result, I could enter into graduate school and I could have satisfaction by my self. So, alone time is very important for me. Because, it is another opportunity time and it's only my time. For my human relationships and my self, what I have alone time is essential, and I love it. If there are people who don't like have alone time, I strongly suggest that having the time for them self.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Journal 4

Most people used to guess that my dream is becoming a pianist because of my major. However, it is not true, what is more, my dream is very simple. What I will be a wise housewife and great mother is my real dream. The reason is that the most important goal in my life is having a harmonious and sweet home. Some people told me, " You are talking rubbish". Others asked me doubtingly, " Then, why are you studying continually?". Whenever I got such questions, I answered, "Just" with smile. But, what is worse, there are some questions that I don't know for my self. In truth, sometimes, I also ask for my self. The question is as follows. "Ji Hyun, if you want to be a wise mother and good wife, why are you studying now?", " You don't need to study any more. If you meet one of a pair, you may marry. Then, why are you study now? What is you want?". The reason that I have these questions is that because I have some fear about my future. Although, I will get marriage, I don't want to stay at home without any jobs. I am afraid of my future that I will have no works. I am scared if I have depression. So, these days, I am in a state of confusion. I don't know what I should do. I don't want to lose anyone among them. But I think it is really difficult to have both. I don't want to pay no attention to my family by working outside. So, I think I should partly give up one thing. It' s a my problem to be solved.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Journal 3

In Korea, actually, we don't have a holiday concerned with the death. However, our ancestors regard dead person highly. Because we believe that a dead person can be reincarnated, in addition they can have influence on a live person. Sometimes, the Korean regards words of advice of the dead person as a significant meaning. That is, we think the tip of the dead person may be able to prevent a curse, or predict what will happen. For these reasons, we regard a death as important. Therefore, we don't have a special holiday but we have a ceremony each a national holiday such as the New Year's Day and Chu-suk, the Korean Thanksgiving Day. During these holiday, we observe the formalities of ancestor worship. By doing that, we wish to protect our selves from the danger, and progress favorably in our lives. The American wear a special costume, Whereas the Korean wear a traditional costume called Han-bok. By wearing a traditional suit, we think that we have a manner to dead person. We take as a matter of course. As for me who don't have a holiday concerned with the death, a Halloween day is very strange and impressive. A ceremony for an ancestor is correct in observance of formalities in my country. On the other hand, a ceremony for a Halloween is more casual in USA. In Korea, we come together with our family, and we eat lots of traditional foods instead having a good time with a practical joke. I think it is too different. However, what the people respect the dead person as an ancestor is same all over the world. In conclusion, this year, I didn't wear a costume and join a Halloween, however, next year I will. I expect next year.