Sunday, October 26, 2008


In the case of the Korea, there are many ways to meet opposite sex. Then, what are those ways? Like other countries, in Korea, there are blind date, meeting by dating agency, a marriage by arrangement, group meeting, hunting, lightning meeting and so on. However, it is a little unfamiliar with some strange names which are hunting or lightning meeting, because those names are created recently as a coined word. 'Hunting' happens on the strret with stranger. If a man win a his favor a girl, he may give his information such as his name and phone unmber. On the other hand, 'lightning meeting' is the meeting by the internet. At first, it largely tooks place on the internet while people are talking. Later, they may meet each other if they felt to fit. But these meeting are not commonm, but sometimes young people do. From now on I will tell my situation about my present love. In the case of me, I met my boy friend by group meeting that is similar to the blind meeting, but the difference is the number of people. I went to a restaurant to meet some men with my friends. That meeting had three men and three women. One of the men expressed his feeling to me, and he was doing everything he could to win my love. Finally, we fall in love with each other. Like my case, these meeting are very common to young people in Korea.

Monday, October 20, 2008


When I have a rest time, I usually administer my homepage. I put on my pictures or respond to visitor's greetings of friends. Sometimes, I can meet friends who haven't seen for a long time. It is a pleasure to talk to them. Although we haven't meet each other, I can have news about my friends. For management of my homepage, I take pictures my ordinary life, edit pictures, and put on my homepage. Also, I visit my friends' homepage and I see my friends' pictures how they live happily. To administer homepage is my hobby as well as my pleasure when I have a rest.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Summary of “What is a dream?”

According to the Sunday Times in “What is a dream?”, experts who make a special study of dreams state that people should not take their dreams as actuality. People adopt dreams as necessary to a person’s feeling and bodily peace. A long time ago, people regarded dreams as a revelation of God. In the twentieth century, considering that dreams represent people’s personalities, people started to study dreams. First of all, the Sunday Times mentioned Freud’s theory, wish-fulfillment. That said dreams allow a person to express illusions and fright, which would be unacceptable in actual life. Secondly, the Sunday Times mentioned Jung’s compensation theory. By his theory, dreams can give people what they need. So Jung claims that people have to learn from their dreams. The Sunday Times also introduced psychologist Domhoff, who argued that dreams related to a person’s waking hours, thoughts, and behavior. Domhoff said dreams especially related with age, gender, and culture. And it is different between men and women. The Sunday Times said that the dream is a mental skill which requires time to improve in humans. In conclusion, the Sunday Times insists that the dreams have a meaning but we don't always know it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Summary of "Dreams: Making them work for us"

In "Dreams: Making them work for us", the author states that people should stop a bad dream and change it to a good dream for a beneficial life. Introducing Joseph's nightmare, the author mentioned Milton Kramer, who mentioned why people should try to change a bad dream. The reason is that dreams can have harmful or beneficial effects. He also says the way to remember our dreams is by keeping a journal or diary, review, remind ourselves, stay in the same position, and remember an important word or picture. Dr. Rosalind Cartwright suggested how people can change a dream. By using dream therapy, Joseph could change his nightmares. In conclusion, the author says that people should quit a negative dream, and transfer into a positive dream for their fresh mood in the morning.