Monday, September 22, 2008

Open a restaurant in Carbondale

Do you want to open a restaurant in Carbondale? There are many restaurants in Carbondale. However, if you want to be successful, your restaurant must be special enough to attract people. There are three tips you should do. The cost should be inexpensive. Moreover it should have variety choice. Also keep to clean and fresh.

First, the cost should be inexpensive. The school, SIU is located in Carbondale. Therefore, Carbondale has lots of students. Among them, there are many international students. They came to study from other countries. They live in dependence on their parents. For this reason, many students can’t live comfortable life. Students who depend on their parents want to low-price.

Second, it should have variety choice. It must be variety, because of that there are many international students. It need to right of choice they want. For example, student who is Asian and don’t like other country’s food has hard time about eating. They want their own county’s food. In this case, they need to variety choice.

Lastly, it must be clean and fresh. Fresh stuff helps taste to be more delicious. Moreover, clean shop give customer good image. Let us suppose that you are visiting at the restaurant. But if the restaurant is dirty, you would not go there.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind when opening restaurant in Carbondale. There are three things. The cost has to be suitable for students. Variety right of choice will be offered many students.

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