Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Summary of "Lucid dreaming"

According to Pamela Hartmann (n.d.) in her article, "Lucid dreaming", lucid dreaming means consciously aware while a person is dreaming. At that time, they can participate in the events and emotions of the dream by character experiencing , observing and watching, directing and creating. Patricia Garfield, who wrote "Creative Dreaming", said that a lucid dreamer would have unbelievable freedom through the lucid dream. Also Stephen LaBerge, at the Standford University Sleep Lab, has developed a method called the MILD technique. MILD technique is waking up from a dream, imaging yourself, seeing yourself, and telling yourself. He claims that by using the MILD technique, he was able to have lucid dream on any night he wished. The way to gain access to your dream is to place a notebook or diary on your nightstand or under your pillow. Secondly, don't open your eyes immediately when you wake up. Third, lie and try to recall any imagery. Next, think about its ABCD order, ABCD means that D is any specific image, C is the event or activity that preceded it, B is what preceded that, and A is what preceded that. Lastly, describe the dream. Pamela Hartmann says that as we begin to experience this, our dream journal will achieve a special place in our life.

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