Monday, October 6, 2008

Summary of “What is a dream?”

According to the Sunday Times in “What is a dream?”, experts who make a special study of dreams state that people should not take their dreams as actuality. People adopt dreams as necessary to a person’s feeling and bodily peace. A long time ago, people regarded dreams as a revelation of God. In the twentieth century, considering that dreams represent people’s personalities, people started to study dreams. First of all, the Sunday Times mentioned Freud’s theory, wish-fulfillment. That said dreams allow a person to express illusions and fright, which would be unacceptable in actual life. Secondly, the Sunday Times mentioned Jung’s compensation theory. By his theory, dreams can give people what they need. So Jung claims that people have to learn from their dreams. The Sunday Times also introduced psychologist Domhoff, who argued that dreams related to a person’s waking hours, thoughts, and behavior. Domhoff said dreams especially related with age, gender, and culture. And it is different between men and women. The Sunday Times said that the dream is a mental skill which requires time to improve in humans. In conclusion, the Sunday Times insists that the dreams have a meaning but we don't always know it.

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