Monday, November 3, 2008

Journal 3

In Korea, actually, we don't have a holiday concerned with the death. However, our ancestors regard dead person highly. Because we believe that a dead person can be reincarnated, in addition they can have influence on a live person. Sometimes, the Korean regards words of advice of the dead person as a significant meaning. That is, we think the tip of the dead person may be able to prevent a curse, or predict what will happen. For these reasons, we regard a death as important. Therefore, we don't have a special holiday but we have a ceremony each a national holiday such as the New Year's Day and Chu-suk, the Korean Thanksgiving Day. During these holiday, we observe the formalities of ancestor worship. By doing that, we wish to protect our selves from the danger, and progress favorably in our lives. The American wear a special costume, Whereas the Korean wear a traditional costume called Han-bok. By wearing a traditional suit, we think that we have a manner to dead person. We take as a matter of course. As for me who don't have a holiday concerned with the death, a Halloween day is very strange and impressive. A ceremony for an ancestor is correct in observance of formalities in my country. On the other hand, a ceremony for a Halloween is more casual in USA. In Korea, we come together with our family, and we eat lots of traditional foods instead having a good time with a practical joke. I think it is too different. However, what the people respect the dead person as an ancestor is same all over the world. In conclusion, this year, I didn't wear a costume and join a Halloween, however, next year I will. I expect next year.

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