Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Sunflower (Journal 6)

When I was 20 years old, I met my first lover in my club. He was same age with me, and his major was architecture. The first time, we had friendly relations as a freshman who wants to keep good company with. Because I attended at high school of arts and there were many friends who studied arts around of me, I was interested in other students who studied a special subject. He had a pride in his work as well as he had a dream that becoming a famous architect. I liked him who was having a passion for his work. We spent time with talking about our interesting things. Finally, we fall in love each other.
Then one day, when we met for dating, he said to me giving a blueprint case, a drawing of architecture bag, “Oh, my God! I forgot something. I have to visit my professor. Please, wait for me, and hold it. But don’t open it. Because there is a sketch, I am ashamed of it.” Nevertheless he told me that don’t open, I was wondering, because he said that. So, when he disappeared, I opened the cover of a blueprint case. After that, I couldn’t say anything with deep impression. In blueprint case, there were a sunflower and letter. The size of a blueprint case was fit to enter a sunflower. The letter was written as below.

“My lover, Ji Hyun! Why did you open this?! HaHa~
Do you know the language of flowers for a sunflower?
The meaning is that it always looks at only one thing.
These days, I think that I have becoming a sunflower that is always looking at only the sun. So I am happy. I promise you that I will love only you forever, like sunflowers. I love you.”

I was impressed by this letter. Although I broke up with him, whenever I see a sunflower, I think of my first lover at whiles and I am thankful to for him.

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