Wednesday, May 20, 2009

(Ex.1) My own space in Cyworld

I am ashamed but I’m not good at using computers. But there was an opportunity to be familiar with a computer. It was a mini-homepage that is called ‘Cyworld’. It is similar with Facebook in America. People who are doing Cyworld can do many things. First, by putting pictures on their homepages, people can share their daily lives with friends. Moreover, people can keep in touch with others even if they can’t meet many times. In my case, I’m studying abroad without my family and friends. Therefore, my parents always worry about me; also, my friends wonder about my life in another country. By putting the pictures on my website, they can know my daily life. Because there is a visit room where visitors can leave a message to the homepage's owner, I can contact them. It also helps me save the money by not using the international telephone. There are many advantages; however, there are some disadvantages, too. In Korea, most celebrities use Cyworld. They use it to manage their fans. But people who don’t like a specific celebrity use it to hurt them with bad words. So, there were some events in which many celebrities killed themselves with depression.

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