Monday, June 1, 2009

(Summary Response 1) The harmony of the human and nature

According to Stephen Leahy in his article “Climate change: chemical lobby weakening ozone treaty,” in these days of the economic slump, effort for the environmental conservation is seen as two ways. One way is getting stronger, while another way is in decay. According to his explanation, skin cancer rates are increasing and UV (ultraviolet radiation) maximum will rise by 20 percent. Therefore, some countries use replacement resources that can decrease ozone-damage such as hydrochláorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) instead of CFCs. On the other hand, others don’t do it because of commercial reasons. However, the author mentions reasons that people should conserve according to The Montreal Protocol and stresses people’s effort for the environmental conservation.

What do you think about which is more important, between commercial success and the environmental conservation? I agree with the author’s opinion that people should try to create a ‘green economy’. Today, it is not hard to find damage to the environment. This includes the global warming and the greenhouse effect, rising of sea level, and climate change. Also, the temperature is rising, thereby glaciers will melt and sea level is rising, too. And industry is developing very quickly by pursuing commercial benefit. Therefore, we should be aware of these problems and we have to develop new industry to keep environmental conservation with alternative energy.
First, environmental problems have produced a new word, ‘greenhouse effect.’ The words ‘the greenhouse effect’ are not unfamiliar anymore. If we keep using ozone-damaging chemicals, the ozone hole gets bigger and bigger. It causes the temperature to increase; also, it causes the greenhouse effect that is due to the warming of the atmosphere caused by build-up of ozone-damaging chemicals such as CFC. That is, as the ozone hole gets bigger, skin cancer rates will increase. Moreover, creatures will die from the UV radiation.

Second, because of rising of the temperature, glaciers will melt. This causes sea level to rise. Then, many areas will sink under the water. Especially, this issue is a big problem in Japan, because Japan is an island. It is a problem not only for islands, but also for countries in which are placed near a coast. A truth that some glaciers have shrunk is well known. That is, nature is making a threat to people.

Third, by pursuing commercial benefit, industry is developing very quickly. But it produces a bad result as the climate changes. It has been a problem in the ecosystem.
As the earth gets warmer, there are many disasters such as tsunamis. For example, Korea has four seasons. In spite of Koreans’ pride in having obvious four seasons, it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish each season. The reason is that the summer is getting longer, and it rains many times during the summer. Therefore, Koreans are concerned that Korea’s climate is becoming tropical. If this happens, some creatures, human beings, animals, and plants, won’t be able to survive because of the change in the weather. It will probably influence people.

There are a lot of environmental damages all over the world, which are the greenhouse effect, rising of sea level, and the climatic change. It means a warning that nature is giving us. These problems will influence people in the end, and if so, people can’t live. Then, it is useless to develop industry. That is, environmental conservation is first, then commercial benefit. Therefore, people have to find other ways that people and nature are living together, because nature is already making a threat to people. That is, people have to develop industry for living in harmony with nature.


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