Monday, June 22, 2009

(Ex.2) Pure life in a small-town

When I was in Korea, I was living in the capital city, Seoul. Although I used to live in the big city, I had many chances to visit a small-town, because my grandparents live there. Whenever I visit there, I can feel that the people who are living in small towns live in harmony with their neighbors. They know what happens to their neighbors. For example, one day, my grandmother was sick. But she didn’t make contact with my family, because she didn’t want to bother anyone. Nevertheless my parents couldn’t get any information, we went to my grandmother’s house. The reason is that we got news from my grandmother’s neighbors. In contrast, I don’t know who lives next door to me. It is not strange in a big city. The people living in a big city don’t pay attention to who lives near them or what they do. They just focus on their life. Moreover, the people living in small towns look free and peaceful. Specially, many children play outdoors, such as on a mountain, a streamside and so on. They can feel harmony with nature. For this reason, they may have a positive mind, and they look more free and peaceful. Also, because they don’t have enough information, and it is not easy to get everything that they need and want, they have to depend on nature. So I think that this situation makes the people stay pure.

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