Monday, June 22, 2009

(Ex.3) The Climate change of the Korea

Korea has four seasons having obvious characteristics. The spring looks green world, the summer is hot, the fall become colorful, and the winter is cold. ?For example, in fall, many trees turn red and yellow. So, many Koreans go to see the colored autumn leaves. Specially, Mt.Sorak is noted for the glorious tints of its autumn foliage. Because Korea’s season is so beautiful, we are proud of our change of the seasons. In spite of the pride of Koreans, we have an anxiety about the change of climate. As industry develops, we are influenced. These days, it is not difficult to find the damages. A few years ago, we had an earthquake. It was not strong, but most people could feel it. In Korea, because an earthquake is not common, many Koreans got a shock. Also, there was a big storm two years ago. It was almost a typhoon. This disaster caused many deaths. Many media reported that these disasters mean a warning of nature. Moreover, we have been undergoing change recently. That is, we are losing obvious characteristics of our seasons. Especially in summer, it rains too much. Also, the period is getting longer. So, Koreans worry that Korea is becoming a tropical region having high temperature and lots of rainfall.

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