Monday, June 22, 2009

(Ex.5) Effort for Prevention of bad words

By computers' having come into wide use, a serious problem has arisen, which is suicide. Nowadays, most people use computer, and they have their homepages or blogs. In there, they spend a lot of time with meeting and chatting with their friends. But, these days, it is used for backbiting. Some people who want to speak ill of someone use bad words online. Because this usually happens without a real name, a lot of people enjoy it without a sense of guilt. This is getting worse, and it has became a serious issue in Korea. That’s why the rate of suicide has increased because of depression by bad words. Also, it caused new words as well as bad words to be created. It affected children, and bad words spread quickly. They are also used on cell phones. Thereby, there were some accidents, which included depression of children and suicide. For these reasons, content ratings have arisen. It prevents users from risky language, nudity, and violence. And the owner using a computer or cell phone can reject things if they don’t want to contact them. And the law requiring using of real names was created. Therefore, we have to use our real name online, not in private, but in public places. It doesn’t protect everything; however, it brought some positive changes.

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padaajoshi said...

Ji hyun:

Thanks for your blog. It's not easy to think in another language, let alone write in one.

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