Thursday, June 11, 2009

(Summary Response 3) Let’s keep DMZ as a Land of Peace

According to Rick Ruffin in his article, “Keep DMZ a place of peace,” the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) must be kept as a natural jewel. He states that human beings are faced with extinction of various organisms, and it is pretty serious more often than in the past. Such a problem related with extinction was still in existence in the past; however, the extinction of today ascribes to people. He introduces endangered creatures with many examples, which include India’s tigers and orangutans, and says that they have been threatened by human’s demand. Specially, he explains about orangutans in poor surroundings. If people keep threatening orangutans for their desire, the orangutan could be gone in a short time in the mouth of experts. Not only are these problems occurring in other continent but also in Korea, however, the DMZ is an exception. In the DMZ, there is a variety of creatures. But, if the unification of South and North Korea comes, the DMZ will disappear due to human activity. Therefore, the author emphasizes the fact that people must keep the DMZ as a land of harmony.

What do you think about the author’s opinion? Do you think that if the unification of South and North Korean comes, the DMZ will be destroyed as the author said? I agree with the author’s thinking, because we are already seeing bad effects of environmental destruction by mankind. If so, how can we keep the DMZ from human beings’ action? There are three ways, which are making an off-limits place to people, setting up a research institute for biologists, and leading creatures to breed.

First, we can appoint the DMZ as an off-limits place that people are not permitted to go into DMZ. The reason is that nature has been destroyed by humans. If the DMZ is opened to people, many people will visit there in order to see the sights. The DMZ is enough to attract people’s attention because it is an untapped place. This fact makes people gather in crowds into the DMZ, and it causes not only development for tourist spots but also taking away living things’ habitat from the DMZ. It is quite possible that the DMZ, which has no people and great biodiversity, will not be kept from nature’s freedom anymore.

Second, we can set up a research institute for biologists. The DMZ is reported to be of great value to research, because in there, there are in existence a variety of endangered creatures. This offers biologists plenty of valuable information, and it helps mankind and nature live together in harmony. Also, biological studies can prevent an organism’s extinction by researching it. Moreover, such a result of study can help creatures live and breed naturally by giving proper surroundings.

Third, we can lead creatures to breed by artificial means or natural consequences. Although the DMZ has a variety of creatures, many kinds of animals, especially Amur leopard, are endangered. Therefore, keeping these graceful animals is important. We have to make these weak creatures reproduce for their propagation. We have to give them proper surroundings, as well as create artificial breeding programs. The artificial propagation can prevent extinction, and the techniques can also increase their population. It is difficult that nature makes creatures increase faster. So, people have to help it with both artificial means and natural consequences by giving great condition.

A human activity has destroyed nature and threatened organisms. Despite the increase in extinction of living things, people can expect to see existence of biodiversity in a land of peace, the DMZ. Because there is no people’s coming and going, it is still in existence in a state of nature. In order to keep this place, we have to forbid entrance of people, set up a research institute for biologists, and help living things reproduce. By doing these, we must keep this place as a land of peace.


Ruffin, R. (2007, October 18). Keep DMZ a Place Of Peace, The Korean Times. Retrieved May 30, 2009,

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