Monday, June 22, 2009

(Ex.4) An influence of computer on children

If every child has a laptop computer, there will be many unexpected problems. First, most children will become fat. Today, scientific and economic growth cause people to stay on chairs for a long time as well as to gain weight. It will also affect children, and the problem will become a serious issue. That's because gaining weight can cause children to get disease such as diabetes, and obesity. Secondly, children lose their opportunities to be able to have experiences by playing outdoors. They don't know about nature and can't learn the value of nature. Third, the using of computer for the children brings a lot of risk that children can be addicted to Internet games. It makes children become violent. And it will interrupt children's normal social relationships. It can cause crisis to rise in the end. For these reasons, I think that for children to have a laptop computer is not good. In other words, learning in real life is better than staying at home with a computer.

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